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Time, Money and Piece of Mind

Time is so precious and although finding worthy child care is worth every second it is still a tedious task. Time is Money, they are directly connected so helping you find a qualified child care service provider that fits your needs quickly is a huge asset. Piece of mind that you can save time and money and find someone who is qualified, who cares and someone who can provide a high standard of care for your child is amazing! Let us take all of the leg work out of your search and make you feel good about it!

Our company, Mom's The Word child care service provides the missing link between families and premium child care here in the beautiful Florida Keys. Whether your family needs daytime care, date night care or weekend care we are your one stop shop! Mom's The Word searches for the best child care service providers that are available, runs back ground screens, conducts interviews and home inspections so you can have piece of mind when you need child care.  Call or text us at (305) 432-0567 or send us an e-mail at shay@momstheword.club to book an appointment for child care. 

We also offer FREE "Meet and Greet" sessions to see if the selected care giver is a good fit for your family needs. 

Back Ground Screens, Interviews and Home Inspections:

First and foremost, any child care provider that is utilized by this service I would use for my own children. I could never ask a Client to leave their priceless possessions with anyone that I did not approve of. Every child care provider has endured a very detail oriented visit for myself into their home and see how they handle their house hold. Being it, cleanliness, organization, child care techniques, outdoor space, etc. We have an open door policy about our Mommies who provide care, in that you may ask us questions about any child care service provider at any time.